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Meet the Team: Brittany Falussy

Photo portrait of Brittany Falussy

Brittany Falussy (she/her) is an Art Director on Vox Creative, based in NYC. This interview was taken on August 29, 2019 in Denver Colorado at our annual team hackathon (VAX).

Courtney: Hey Brittany! What’s Vox Creative, and what does an Art Director do on that team?

Brittany: Vox Creative is our branded content studio within Vox Media. We work with all of our editorial brands and outside partners to create a ton of content. As the Art Director on that team, I oversee all the visuals and the look and feel of said content. I’m also a designer by trade, so I get my hands dirty as well as sit back and sort of oversee campaigns from start to finish.

Courtney: Can you tell me a little bit about what life was before Vox?

Brittany: Oh good question. Life before Vox is like — I don’t know, it feels like another world. Before this, I was working at Rolling Stone as a designer and illustrator for editorial content. Rolling Stone is like obviously a cool legacy brand, but Vox is very much rooted in the future. It feels more like we’re moving towards something here at Vox.

Courtney: What kind of projects have you been working on recently?

Brittany: I’ve been working really closely with our Managing Editor and doing a lot of branded content articles. So we’re trying to figure out what that looks like and how we can work with outside illustrators as well as people within our team. We’ve got a ton of that stuff coming out. It’s really exciting because I get to work with some old friends from the Society of Illustrators from college. I’m trying to get friends and family in here as much as possible.

Courtney: As far as our internal talent, I know that’s something that people have been talking about a lot in the last year or so — finding talent within the company to do illustrations or motion design for various projects. What does that look like to you in an ideal situation? How do we organize around that?

Brittany: Yeah, that’s a great question and something we absolutely should be doing more. We have so many talented people within Vox Media. I think it’s helpful to get your work out there and make sure it’s being seen by our team so that the next time we get an article, it’s like “hey, Courtney would be a perfect fit to do these illustrations.” We want to keep our talent top of mind.

Courtney: Totally makes sense! Speaking of getting your work out there, do you have any hobbies, a side hustle or something that you want to promote?

Brittany: Sure! I have a few lives outside of work. I’m very involved in the New York oyster community. I work with Billion Oyster Project on a freelance basis. We actually worked at them at Vox Creative as well. My boyfriend and I have some oysters that we’re growing out in the North Fork, so we’re very involved in this community. We love to eat them, we love to grow them, they’re great for the environment—I could go on and on about oysters!

Oysters in a blue tray that Brittany grew, loved, and eventually ate.
The first batch of oysters Brittany brought home to grow, love and eventually…eat!
Brittany Falussy

Brittany: Outside of work, every ‘creative’ struggles to stay creative beyond their working hours, so I just try to stay on top of news, culture and events, keeping my mind fresh and staying in the know.

Courtney: What are your favorite resources for that?

Brittany: Honestly, I live in New York, so it’s pretty much everywhere. I’m pretty lucky to just walk down the street and be inspired by someone’s outfit or some garbage someone spilled on the floor. Inspiration comes anywhere and everywhere. That, and the endless amounts of museums and galleries. I recently moved to Brooklyn and I’m very into these brownstones, the plants and the very cultured neighborhood life.

Courtney: That’s awesome! Is there anything from Vox Media that you’ve seen recently or in the past that’s really stuck with you that you’d like to recommend?

Brittany: Yeah, I mean, Curbed just came out with that Googie Guide. I didn’t even know it was called Googie (architecture). I was just fascinated by it. The illustration work is beautiful, the design of the website is beautiful, and it’s just a really cool thing to check out.

Courtney: Yeah, it’s stunning! Shout out to everyone who worked on that project.

Brittany: Also, the Eater Young Gun summit was a huge success and they’re hosting a lot of dinners and content around celebrating young chefs, which has been super exciting. I’ve been really close to that project. Grey Goose is sponsoring it, which is kind of cool.

Courtney: Killin’ it as usual. So, as you know we have remote offices and employees all over the country and then some. If you could set up your remote office from anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Brittany: It would be Italy. On the south of Italy on some farm with vino abound.

Courtney: And if you were to do a second interview with us later on about any topic, what would you want to talk about?

Brittany: Hot dogs and oysters. Highbrow lowbrow.

Courtney: What a great pairing. We should also dive into your snack transportation system, Stacka next time!

Stacka, a snack transportation system.
STACKA boxes
Brittany Falussy

Thanks to Anna Graves for transcribing the interview.

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