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Inktober 2019

Vox Media Designers & Engineers tackle Inktober 2019

Inktober logo surrounded by random doodles
Inktober 2019 - Vox Media Design

Microns rustling in a pencil case, Copics spread across the desk. Elastic enclosures on Moleskins pulled away, and artists’ thinking faces picturesque...

It’s Inktober time!

What is Inktober?

As many folks may know, Inktober is an annual illustration challenge started in 2009 by writer and illustrator, Jake Parker. His intention was to encourage illustrators, doodlers, and artists of all kinds to draw one thing everyday in the month of October. In 2016, official illustration prompts were introduced, but many people approach the challenge in different ways. Some might build their own prompts, use another creative’s prompts, or improvise and make whatever feels good to them in the moment.

This year, I reached out to my teammates through our #inktober-2019 Slack channel to pull our talents together and curate an Inktober collection to share with you all. Here’s what we’ve got!

Thanks to Courtney Leonard for her thoughtful edits.

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