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Our New Logo

Vox Media launches new identity

New Vox Media Logo san serif font on purple background Design by Triboro Studios

Today we changed our logo. The first question people ask when a new corporate identity launches is why? For us there were two compelling change moments that triggered the transition. One presented itself over an extended period of time. The other happened more recently.

In the past couple of years, we’ve experienced a lot of exciting growth at Vox Media. We’ve evolved from a leading digital publisher to a more diversified modern media company, expanding to podcasting, TV and to building products that support media businesses. Earlier this year, this led us to examine our brand from the standpoint of the company we had grown into being and the bold future we knew we were building.

Our new brand identity reflects this evolution and a durability and resiliency that we know we’ll need as we venture forward. New York’s Triboro Design studio working in collaboration with Vox Media’s internal design team developed something that would convey a bold and modern feeling as well as a reductive aesthetic. At Vox Media we build things that are functional and beautiful in their simplicity and we wanted to reflect that without frills and unnecessary embellishments.

The letters V O and X contained in a triangle, circle and square respectively

The logo is designed from the foundation of the three letterforms that form the word Vox, each of which can be reduced to simple geometric shapes - a triangle, a circle and a square. The rest of the letterforms respect that geometry with the V shape mirrored in the letter M of media. The elemental nature of the logo is not only meant to express a simplicity in design but also not to upstage the more expressive and diverse logos of our expanding editorial portfolio. Our previous logo included a shield like symbol which had lost any context or meaning and felt like unnecessary adornment.

Old Vox Media logo on left. New Vox Media logo on right.

As a companion to the simple reductive logo, Triboro also created a more expressive custom typeface. The display font, named “Onward,” is used for emphatic brand moments such as corporate signage and is meant to provide a kinetic forward leaning counterpoint to the logo.

Onward Oblique display font shown as alphabet and numerical

Much of this had been in the works for some time when we made the decision to join with New York Media, the company behind the New York Magazine properties. Today we finalized our merger and made it official. We felt that the announcement would provide an excellent change moment to launch. We are effectively a new company today boldly facing the future.

Given the rapid evolution of Vox Media and of media in general, we’ve come to think of change as inevitable. Many brand systems show cracks at the seams almost as soon as they launch as the media environment undergoes rapid shifts. New platforms and applications require constant reevaluation. And who would have thought, a year ago, that we’d be joining forces with another inventive multi-platform company to become the leading independent modern media company? Beginning with our logo and some fixed core elements that we hope will stand the test of time as our business continues to grow, we’ve committed ourselves to iterating as we discover new contexts and experience further change.

Credit for this new identity goes to David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler of Triboro Design and Georgia Cowley, Krystal Stevens, Courtney Leonard, Josh Laincz, Alex Medina, Victor Ware and Nathanael Moody of Vox Media Design.

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