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Design principles

A rainbow that says “Getting the Future of Design Right”

Put the user first

We are dedicated to human centric design, always keeping our users and our audience at the forefront of what we do.

Visual perfection is not subordinate to functionality

We build the best experiences for our users, including how they engage with our visual language. Work does not ship when it is functional, but when it is functioning with visual excellence.

Accessible design is good design

We are dedicated to serving our users where they are, regardless of their situation or ability. We embrace accessibility guidelines as not only a hard requirement, but as our definition for good design.

Critique is essential to our work

We share our work early and often and provide and receive direct, honest and sometimes uncomfortable feedback in an effort to improve our work and as part of our dedication to quality.

Data and research inform design

We thoroughly define and investigate the problem before we seek to solve it. As designers our role is to bring necessary context and perspective, an informed point of view and a framework for objective decision-making to the team, all grounded in the knowledge of our user or audience.

Design with awareness

We always strive to learn more – about our field, about our audience and about what’s happening in the culture. We also strive to put our work into the proper cultural context, aware of trends past and present while always aiming for originality and timelessness.

Do more with less

We embrace simplicity as a best practice in design, avoiding unnecessary adornment, flourishes and decoration.