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Our values

Black round sticker that reads “Stay Curious”

We are independent thought leaders who dare to get the future of design right by boldly chasing opportunities that enrich the lives of our audiences and improve media.

We’re powered by our diverse backgrounds to design responsibly, design ambitiously, and design the change that we want to see. To abide by our mission statement, we value:


We use our purview as a multi-disciplinary design team within a leading edge media company to push the boundaries of design as a practice at Vox Media and in the industry.

Be responsible.

We apply our craft and use our influence to support responsible practices in journalism and media.

Be a great partner.

We seek to make the experience of working with us delightful. We collaborate frequently and are informed by empathy for those who seek to work alongside us. We always assume the best intent in our peers and our colleagues.

Design creates success.

We believe in the power of design to contribute to successful business outcomes. We inform ourselves about the business goals and objectives of our internal and external partners, and those goals and objectives in turn inform our design. Our success is achieved through their success.

Words matter.

We work within media and thus understand the significance of words. We speak directly and avoid jargon to bring our audiences, users, and stakeholders along with us. We work with everyone to ensure we are speaking the same language.

Be ambitious.

We’re willing to go beyond the expectations set for us when we see an opportunity to do something better. A solution that solves the problem in a better or unexpected way is never inherently out of scope and should always be considered.

Stay curious.

We never assume we know the answer and always strive to ask questions and learn more. We dig into the hard questions to find the best solutions.

The change we want to see.

Dedicated to the belief that great design has the power to create positive transformation in the world, we work towards realizing its full potential to do so by seeking to promote ethical design practices and enabling independent voices in media.

In an effort to provide an inclusive and respectful working environment, all team members adhere to our code of conduct.